Cheap Havaianas thongs

The one thing youve got to love about Cheap Havaianas thongs is just how many different colours and shapes you can find online. Australia must be the thong capital of the world for the long hot summers sitting on the beach and just sharing a great time with your friends. But one of the things about Summer in Australia is how hot it gets on the ground walking around barefoot.

The concrete and the footpaths get so hot that you are going to burn your feet on the ground, and that is even before you get onto the sand. Being a Sydney sider, Ive toasted my feet many a time in 30 degree celcius plus weather, and it isnt a pleasant experience. If you look at the beaches around the Eastern suburbs, especially Bondi Beach, Coogee or Clovelly, the ground gets extremely warm and uncumfortable, so it is wise to get some sort of footwear for protection against the heat.

So you’ve already got a great swimsuit, shorts, probaly a great pair of sunnies – that’s sunglasses for all you geeks 🙂 – and a great hat for coverage against the sun hitting your head and giving you some form of heat stroke. But is there anything that is absolutely funky in colour and shape, really comfortable, and something that you are willing to put a few dollars towards, but you know you are going to get a good few years usage out of it? After all, yourĂ© feet are the parts of your body that is least likely to change.Cheap Havaianas thongs

Having a look around at some of the blogs on travel, fashion and summer, surfing and surfari’s ……people love thongs! It’s one of the international trademarks for all things relaxing about summer and long hot weekends down at the beach! Thongs for you’re feet are simple, uncomplicated and just easy to get around with, you can drive to the beach in them, you can go to bbq’s wearing them and your mates aren’t going to think any less of you if you have rocked up to their place straight from the beach smelling of salt water, scruffy hair and most important, looking relaxed!

And the more zany you look the more you are going to be the centre of attention at the bbq! This is what is great about buying a pair of Cheap Havaianas thongs online from Surfstitch! you have so many choices of insane radical colours, and designs, you are going to be the toast of the party, but you are going to blend in and be the beach bum for the weekend, before you get back into the grind of the work week! Surfstitch are always have a great Havaianas sale, so click over to them ….. maybe after you buy a pair, you’ll even look at buying the letters magnets, the flash drive and even the Aussie flag lilo! God Bless Australia and the Australian summer!


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