Cheap havaianas

In Australia, cheap Havaianas are seen everywhere on beaches, picnics and bbq’s during summer. Ever since  their first line of thongs in 1962, their popularity has spread like wildfire across the globe. Havaianas are known for their bright colours, their quirky designs, and they are widely considered to be an essential part of the Aussie summer wardrobe, along with shorts and a t-shirt.

Havaianas are a favourite among beach-goers, as they are easy to slip off before going into the surf, and they come in a wide variety of summer-inspired colours and patterns. Practically every colour of the rainbow can be seen on a Havaiana’s thong, and several playful patterns are available,  for those who desire to make a more adventurous fashion statement. Mufti days in the office are a treat these days, thanks to Havaianas salute to the rebellious office worker!Cheap Havaianas

One of the most popular patterns is the “Pac Man” video game theme, a must-have for any serious retro gaming enthusiast. Other patterns include animal prints, polka dots, palm trees, and “mixed top” sandals, where the colour of the strap differs from the colour of the soul.

Some of the more eye-catching designs are found in the kid’s category, where the fun cartoon character’s are found. Colourful food-inspired prints such as ice cream cones and jelly beans are favourites among the toddlers. Prints inspired by cartoons and comic books such as The Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Batman, Scooby-Doo, and Snow White are also popular.

All Havaianas are made from quality Brazilian rubber, using their own in-house formula that gives each pair of thongs unparalleled comfort and strength. Although there are many imitators out there, only the Havaianas thong has stood the test of time; they have well and truly become the “must-have” accessory for fun and memorable summer adventures.

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If you aren’t just satisfied for wearing Havaianas thongs on the beaches, have a look at the surfstitch site at the fluro jelly lilo’s in everything from a jelly lime colour, to an extreme bright orange – this will make you quite popular in your’e friends backyard pool party. For the Havaiana’s extremist, there are the key rings which will ensure no matter where you are, you’re inner beach bum is not too far away …..

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