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This blog/website isn’t going to concentrate on recruitment firms, but I came across Cutting Edge human resources consulting and recruitment, and Matthew Palmer whilst looking for a job, and I was impressed by Matthew’s strong focus towards myself as a candidate, and what my goals, aspirations and desires were for my next role.

Cutting Edge’s mission statement, lay in identifying the strengths and goals of the candidate, (myself – Geoff Surtees), and matching that up with the select blue chip organisations that chose to work with Matthew.

After determining my strengths, and my goals, Matthew was going to approach, companies on my behalf and try to find a role that was a ‘good fit’ between myself and my prospective employer, something I have not come across before. I walked away from the meeting, confident that I have met a consultant who has a focus on ‘the right fit’!

Since meeting Cutting Edge, although I have decided to concentrate on developing this website, I have maintained constant contact with Matthew. I have learned to trust his input on job hunting, and Matthew’s portfolio of blue chip national and multi-national employers that choose to work only with him.

Cutting Edge is located in Sydney, but operates nationally. Cutting Edge focuses on HR consulting which includes recruitment, resume writing and presentation and also interview technique and from a client’s perspective Cutting Edge handles writing of job descriptions, outplacement of staff and many other internal HR related aspects. All in all they are focused on getting Australian’s back to work, which is the core essence of the existence of this website.

For more information on Cutting Edge, check out Cutting Edge’s website or contact Matthew on 1300 – 63-03-07.

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