Facebook marketing specialist services Sydney

Social Media Marketing is now a special skill, and there are only a handful of people that understand how to Market your product or service on channels like FaceBook

Who are the Facebook Marketing Specialists in Sydney?

Facebook Marketing Sydney

Facebook Marketing Sydney

Bang for Buck services focuses on this field with previous experience from several pages on Facebook such as The Holden Monaro, which now has 24,000 likes as well as followers, and Classic car posters for sale which has close to 4,000 likes and followers, Bang for buck has learnt its skills in real time, and will use their experience to help you tell your story to a whole new audience.

Facebook Marketing is different to website Marketing, you need to know how to interact with an audience. You need to find their hot buttons, what motivates them to like your page, and understand how to write a post that will engage them to participate in building your brand. Do it right, and they will buy your product or service directly of your Facebook Page.

How many users are on Facebook? Currently there are almost 2 Billion active users on Facebook, so once again, do it right and the Facebook Marketing Channel could take priority over your website strategy! And, whereabouts do you find somebody in Sydney Australia to take on this skill set?

Geoff Surtees has been actively in the digital space for over 15 years,  in web and marketing, so when he puts his mind to something, he wins. Geoff Built the above pages, and has monetised both of them. He saw that Australian businesses needed to develop a skill set in this area, and has dedicated himself to work with them to grow their brand on Facebook. Call Geoff on 0433-600-359.


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