Havaianas Australia

The months of December to February mean summer in Australia. And when the temperatures start rising, Australians seem to instinctively reach for their Havaianas thongs, slip them on, and head off to enjoy one of the 11,761 beautiful beaches along Australia’s coastline. And who can blame them? summers and long hot days on the weekend aussies at play, and the cool designs and fashion that Havaianas represent, show that Australians, a little like Brazilians from where Havaianas come from, love that it’s the little things that just make that summer more relaxed! Havaianas Australia know how their thongs is just a symbol of “life’s a beach”, and have designed their summer offerings around summer!Havaianas Australia Laid Back and Simple – The traditionally designed Havaianas thongs is an easygoing vibe that paints a relaxing image of long hot Aussie summers lounging on a beach bench with a cold drink in one hand, wearing sunnies and checking out the surf! Some of the thongs for Australian beaches come in colours including white, black, blue, red, but the ones that really stand out of the crowd are the most patriotic thongs, which include the Australian flag, that you see in the image on the right, as well as the giant inflatable thong wich you can lay on whilst your chilling out on the surf! These styles are a perfect fit of the Larrikan lifestyle of the Aussie bloke, dancing on the sand or tossing frisbees on the shore. Compra Mochilas Kanken Fjallraven España And even for the Aussie chicks, comes a wide range of bright and striking colors like pool green, hot pink, fuchsia, and purple. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Similar to the laid back lifestyle, these Havaianas Australia delights come with either matching or contrasting straps, perfect for the lively and energetic Australian summer. Even from the Australian grommets(ie the young aussie kids that grow up near the beach and hang out with the older dudes, who are teaching them everything they need to know about surfing), the cartoon-themed Havaianas thongs fits perfectly, and is a chance for the older dudes as well to relive what were their favourite cartoon characters that they watched on the colder days of the year, when they couldn’t get down to the beach. nike air max 1 pas cher There’s the Little Mermaid thong that features Ariel on a white sole surrounded by lively orange blooms and topped with a red strap, the Scooby Doo thong that has all of the major characters from the beloved show on a dark gray sole with a muted yellow strap, the Snow White Thong, which of course, features the story’s protagonist in her signature dress on a white sole with dark violet straps, and the Toy Story thong featuring Buzz Lightyear on a black sole with bright green straps. There are also baby print slippers with heel straps, also with well-known cartoon characters from Cars, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and 101 Dalmatians. Quirky and Crazy – Who doesn’t have a wild side? Knowing that everyone does, Havaianas Australia offers these wackier-than-conventional designs with eye-catching patterns and colors that the more daring Australian would surely love on their summer footwear. nike air max 2017 pas cher With soles featuring animal-print, jelly-bean, fluro-palm, and polka-dot patterns, these Havaianas thongs will please those who want to stand out in a crowd and show their personality even just from their footwear alone. air max 1 femme With such a wide array of designs to choose from, there’s certainly a pair of Havaianas that will suit your taste and bring you a step closer to being properly geared for the hot Australian summer.

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