How to buy cheap seafood in Australia

Can you buy Cheap Seafood in Australia? It’s not that difficult if you are a keen shopper!

If you are interested in eating a healthy meal full of vitamins and minerals, and you don’t want to blow out your shopping budget, you can find cheap ways of buying seafood in Australia.  You may find that there are a variety of ways in your search,  such as starting with the humble 80 cent can of tuna from Coles.

Savvy shoppers buy directly from the Pyrmont fish markets in Sydney, or the Queen Victoria markets in Melbourne. A fishmonger may even take the skin off, or take the bones out, saving you time. Read on for finding the secrets of buying cheap seafood at places you didn’t think you could!

You can make a great snack or a main meal from an 80 cent can of Tuna!

The next time you shop at Coles, go to the seafood aisle, and you will find a great variety of Tuna starting from only

Coles Tuna is Great Cheap Seafood!

Coles tuna starts at only 80 cents a can!

80 cents! You can buy a variety of flavours such as Thai Red Curry, Spicy Indian Curry, or even sweetcorn and mayonnaise. Open the can, place on some crackers or toasted bread, and enjoy a scrumptious meal for as little as $1!

And Woolworths have the same deal for you, so give it a try and compare the quality, walk across the road and pick up some their cans, and try the taste test at home with their own brand of Tomato and Basil, or the seeded mustard, also for only 80 cents.

Have a look at the other Cheap Seafood deals at the supermarkets!

The Australian supermarket wars between stores Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and even IGA  offer great deals because they buy their product in volume, so they pass the savings onto you at the checkout. You will love the Coles beer battered with 14 Hoki Fillets for 8$. If you are a couple or a small family, this can last you at least a week if you eat a few every day.

Love Salmon? Coles also have Tasmanian Salmon 460 gram for only $18, so this will also feed a small family too. If you wish to buy in bulk, Woolworths also have some great deals with 1 kilo for only $24! And if you love fish fingers, Woolworths fish home brand fish fingers are only $3.79 a kilo!

If you are looking for alternatives to Salmon, try the Smoked Cod. It has a great smoked seafood taste and you will love it at only $10 a kilo at Woolworths. The Basa fillets are only $7 a kilo from Coles, so if you are on a tight budget, there are seafood deals to be had!

A really great treat you can eat in front of the tv with the family is the seafood highlighter with 250 grams being only $1.63, but if you buy a kilo, and keep it frozen, it may cost you about $6 or $7 a kilo, depending on the pricing at the time1

Buy in bulk from the fish markets and you can also save!

The seafood markets offer great deals when you visit. Different suppliers competing, so try to visit there later in the day when they are offloading their last stock. These Fishmongers don’t want to freeze it overnight, so you may catch a really good deal then.

If you are on a budget, a low income or on benefits, the main supermarkets can still offer you cheap seafood which is prepacked. You can still eat healthy nutritious food, and knowing when and where to buy is part of the secret. Do your research of your local area between the supermarkets and your local fishmongers. Prices can vary from this article, depending on location and supply.


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