Testemonial from Sunsational Sunscreen

Sunsational Cream 100mL

Sunsational is owned and run by Sunsational body care at http://www.sunsationalbodycare.com.au . Sunsational was the first company to benefit from the Discounttalk Experience

From the owner Since I became a partner to Discounttalk, in less than one month, I have experienced 29 clicks with seven new customers. To top this, Discounttalk is still a new website, and this was when the traffic was less than 30 unique visitors a day.

The Advertising model is nothing I have ever experienced. From now on, I have agreed to a joint venture marketing agreement with Geoff and Discounttalk, whereby I will pay Discounttalk a commission for every sale. It seems as though I have not only outsourced my marketing, but I have added a whole new channel to my marketing strategy.

I cant wait till Discounttalk reaches 10,000 unique visitors a day. It’s going to happen. I know Geoff and I know he can do it. Im on board and I am helping other Australian businesses as well.

For a verbal reference, come and contact me through:  http://www.sunsationalbodycare.com.au

Contact Geoff through the contact from at: https://www.discounttalk.com.au/contact-us/

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