Wetsuit warehouse sale

Wetsuit warehouse sale

Buy your next wetsuit online!

Wetsuit warehouse

Wetsuit warehouse
Want to buy a wetsuit online but not sure where to start? Making sure that when you buy a wetsuit online, not only do you buy a wetsuit at a great price, but you buy from a great website that offers you a great guarentee? Surfstitch has been an online wetsuit warehouse that has offered deals online for years.

Looking for variety? Surfstitch has got great deals for mens, womens and kids wetsuits. And the deals you can get when you are online checking out the wetsuit warehouse sale at Surfstitch? Spend over $99 and if it’s not the right wetsuit, send it back free of charge! Free delivery for any purchase over $25! and you get 100 days if you want to return it or exchange it!

What can you buy at the Wetsuit warehouse sale?

Whats on at the Wetsuit warehouse sale? There are mens wetsuits, springsuits or steamers, or you can buy a vest, known as a ‘rashie’, and for the gals, you check out the womens wetsuits as well. For the grommets? 🙂 the kids wetsuits are also for sale online.

Hurley Wetsuit at the Wetsuit Warehouse Sale

Hurley Wetsuit at the Wetsuit Warehouse Sale

What are the brands available at the Wetsuit Warehouse sale?

Click online, and you’ll find at least 2 pages of wetsuits, all designed for different temperatures of water with different levels of insulation. Sizes range from XS to XXL and colours range from black to blue to grey to red & Yellow. Brands? Want to buy Hurley, Billabong, Xcel, Patagonia and Oneill wetsuits? click on that banner!

Whats in it for the girls at the Wetsuit warehouse sale?

Try Womens spring suits in both long sleeve and short sleeve, and in different thicknesses such as 2mm, 3mm, 4mm & 5mm! And at Surfstitch, you can find out the full specs for a woman’s wetsuit including the dimensions for height size and bust! And the brands for the gals? Try Roxy, O’Neill & Cynthia Rowley Wetsuits!

If you are keen to buy a wetsuit, click through to Surfstitch, They aren’t know as the westuit warehouse for nothing!

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